TMJ Appliances

Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is commonly misunderstood and often goes undiagnosed. It’s an integral part of myofunctional orthodontics because if there is poor oral function (or soft tissue dysfunction), TMJ disorder is almost always present too.

Appliances in the TMJ System™ relax jaw and neck muscles, relieve pressure on the TMJ, limit bruxing (teeth grinding) and can reduce head and neck pain.

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TMJ ApplianceTMJ Appliance™
The TMJ Appliance™ is a prefabricated, soft, flexible (medical silicone) appliance that is fitted by the patient to aid in the diagnosis of TMJ disorder, and provide symptom relief.

TMD ApplianceTMD Appliance™
The TMD Appliance™ is a hard, semi-flexible, customisable, day-time splint using dual layer technology developed by MRC. It is low profile with a tight and comfortable fit to allow use during daily activities, allowing clear and easy speech.

The TMJ-MBV™ (Mouth Breather Version) is designed for mouth breathers and snorers. It features four large breathing holes and a 7mm or 11mm base with air springs for increased bite opening and gentle TM Joint decompression.

Bruxogard SoftBruxogard™ Soft
The Bruxogard™ Soft is a mouldable appliance, which fits tightly to the upper arch for increased retention while sleeping. This appliance is aimed at patients who have bruxing issues and are looking for a cost-effective alternative to dental-made appliances.

Bruxogard HardBruxogard™ Hard
The Bruxogard™ Hard can be used to effectively manage and reduce symptoms of heavy bruxing without the need for time-consuming custom dental-made appliances. It can be fitted in under 4 minutes by either the patient or dental professional.

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