Dental anxiety is one of the most common reasons why people ignore visiting the dentist. Here at Confident Smile, we have helped our patients to overcome this fear and keep them smiling. This dental phobia may prevent you from maintaining optimal dental health. Simple things like routine cleanings, fillings and other regular dental work take a backseat, but if you avoid them, it could lead to serious oral health issues sooner or later in life.

Pain-Free Dentistry:

If you have been ignoring visiting the dentist as you hate the needle, it is time to consider pain-free dentistry – the newest technology that makes you feel as comfortable as possible, and you will not even realise that you had a needle.

How Does The Wand STA Work?

The invention of The Wand STA has taken the dental world by storm. In most cases, you will not feel that the needles have been administered to you. The computerised Wand slowly administers the anaesthetic, without the pressure and discomfort of the normal anaesthetic. It also warms the anaesthetic before delivery – so that the body doesn’t feel the normal sensations.

The Wand STA only numbs the tooth being worked on. So, you will not have droopy lips, or have your jaw numb for 2 to 4 hours. STA stands for Single Tooth Anaesthesia and it numbs just the tooth that is being treated. So you can walk out and go directly back to your work, and no one can predict that you have just been to the dentist.

Benefits of Wand STA:

Minimal or no pain during the dental process.
Only the tooth being worked on will be numbed.
Soothes fear and anxiety for you.
Mouth, lip, tongue and cheek will not be numbed.
Syringe-free dental experience
So now there is pretty much no reason to put off your next dental visit. With The Wand STA you are assured that the visit will be as comfortable as possible & we look forward to seeing you, and treating you to our VIP style of dentistry here at Confident Smile.