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Myofunctional Orthodontics: Myobrace Treatment

Myobraces For AdultsRecent studies have revealed that poor jaw development and crooked teeth are not caused by genetic factors and can be easily corrected. Myobrace is an effective approach to correct malocclusion without traditional braces. It is a preventative orthodontic treatment aimed at addressing the underlying causes of misaligned teeth and unlocking natural growth. Confident Smile has a team of orthodontists who will take you through every step of the treatment process and provide amazing results. It can also be used to relieve headaches, snoring, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.

How Myobrace System Helps With Straightening Teeth?

Myobrace system is intended for correcting myofunctional habits of children by teaching them to breathe through their nose, swallow properly, rest the tongue in the upper jaws and continue broadening the jaws to facilitate its proper growth. This will result in adequate space for the teeth, allowing them to grow straight without braces.

What Does Myobrace System Include?

Myobrace system includes a series of intra-oral appliances that should be worn overnight while sleeping. These appliances are designed to expand the arch-form of the mouth by applying light forces on the jaws and teeth. Based on the type of orthodontic problems, invisalign and child’s age, we also recommend separate appliances to correct the myofunctional problems. Our dentists also educate the patients on swallowing, breathing, tongue, cheek and lip exercises that should be performed every day for better results.

Additional Advantages Of Myobraces

Myobraces treatment is not only limited tostraighten your teeth. They are also useful in eliminating negative influences on patient’s teethand also help inpromoting facial development. Myobraces are also helpful in preventing uneven muscular habits and promoting the development of your face. Moreover,Myobrace treatment enhances the posture of the patient posture stemming from a healthier jaw. They can also minimize allergies and also reduce problems which can arise in the jaw joints, teeth and the entire mouth.

Correcting poor oral habits

This stage involves teaching the patient the right way to breathe, swallow and retrain the tongue and lips. Correcting the myofunctional habits will help your jaws developing to their proper shape and size.

Jaw Development

Following the habit correction, myobrace appliances are used to widen the upper jaw to provide enough room for the tongue and teeth.

Teeth Alignment

Depending on the individual requirements and conformity of the child, braces are used for a shorter period along with myobrace to provide optimal results.

Regular Checkups

In order to achieve the long-lasting results, we recommend having regular check-ups with our orthodontist. It is also important to follow the steps outlined in your treatment plan.

So what is the right age for Myobraces treatment?

Myobraces can be a cure for a variety of oral health issues. Generally, lots of doctors tend to agree that Myobraces treatments can be applied to kids who are in their growing phase. Myobraces can be used right after the permanent teeth start growing. These teeth can grow between ages of 6-10 years so Myobraces can be applied when the patient is between the age of 5 and 15 years. Whether the issue is one or many, Myobraces are the best way to heal from dental problems.

So if you are someone who is looking for Myobrace in Mt Gambier, then Confident Smiles Dental Clinic is the right place for you. So connect with us and schedule your appointment now!

Confident Smiles Clinic offers expert myobrace services also in Geelong.

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