Dental emergency

Afraid of dental emergencies? Consult with our emergency dentist and get immediate cure.

Many times people experience usual dental care concerns like a toothache or dental decay. But how can you know real dental emergencies and whether you need an emergency dentist? Read on to know more.

At Confident Smile Dental, in an effort to better service you, we are commited to treat your dental emergencies the same day. In order to achieve this, we keep appointments available every day just for patients requiring emergency treatment. Our Dentists are well capable and practice is equipped to handle any emergency treatment.

Some common dental emergencies include:

  • Toothache
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Jaw or gum swelling
  • Sensitivity or pain – which may be felt in the head or neck
  • Cracked, chipped or broken teeth
  • Impacted or infected wisdom teeth
  • Emergency root canal therapy
  • Emergency cosmetic treatment

Read on to know more about what one must do in case of dental emergencies.

1.Broken tooth

In case, you notice that you have a broken or fractured tooth then you must try to rinse your mouth with saltwater. However, as this problem can only be fixed by a dentist, schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist.

2.Missing dental filling or dental crown

If you lose a filling or crown, it may seem like merely an inconvenience for you, but in reality, it is a dental emergency. So, in case you encounter such a situation, make sure that you approach an emergency dentist right away.


Toothaches are the most frequent reasons why most people seek emergency dental treatment. So, this is a wise plan to approach an emergency dentist without ignoring the pain. So if you are someone who is looking for an emergency dentist in Mount Gambier, then connect with is now.

4.Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums might at times seem a minor problem. But in reality, they are dental emergencies. This is the reason why you need to find a reliable emergency dentist and approach him/her at the right time to get appropriate treatment at the right time.

If you have knocked out a tooth there are a few steps you should take quickly for the best chance at keeping your natural tooth.

  1. Pick up the tooth by the crown (not the root)
  2. If the tooth is dirty gently rinse it in milk or saliva (do not use soap or chemicals)
  3. Reposition the tooth in it’s socket if possible and apply gentle pressure
  4. Keep the tooth moist at all times (either in milk or inside your cheek)
  5. See a dentist immediately – time is critical

At Confident Smiles Clinic, we offer emergency dentist services in Mount Gambier for patients who are facing severe dental emergencies. To schedule an appointment now and get an expert treatment right away.

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