Dental Check-ups

Regular visit to the dentists are not only important for a bright smile, but are also important to maintain your overall oral health. Of course, regular brushing and flossing can reduce your susceptibility to oral diseases, but routine dental check-ups can prevent minor problems turning into major ones. Here at Confident Smile, we recommend having routine check-ups every 4 to 6 months with your dentist whilst following a good at-home dental care to keep-up your oral health.

What Happens During A Check-Up?

Dentist In Mt GambierExamination:

During your check up, our dentist will look for early signs of oral cancer and other diseases. We will also look for cavities, tooth fractures, eroded fillings, gum diseases and oral infections. Throat, tongue, cheek, lips and floor of the mouth are also examined to determine the early signs of infection. Depending on the oral exam, we will also recommend X-ray that gives us a clear view of your jaw alignment, abscesses, cysts and impacted teeth.


During cleaning, we remove tartar or plaque buildup using special instruments like scaler that scrape off tartar above and below the gum line. After remolving the buildup, we use a stream of water to rinse your mouth thoroughly. Following this, we use abrasive paste to polish the teeth and achieve smooth tooth surface, making it difficult for tartar buildup.

What Happens After The Check-Up?

Once we complete the examination, we will discuss the required treatment options and make recommendations on brushing techniques, alcohol intake, smoking, diet and nutrition. Your dentist will also confirm the next visit to have a general check-up.

Dental check-ups are generally recommended every 4-6 months though it can be different for each individual depending on their oral health needs. We will remind you of a text message or phone call closer to the time so you’ll be well prepared. And believe it or not, not only do apples keep doctors away, but having regular check-ups can too!

Gum Disease Treatment

For more information regarding periodontitis and gingivitis, contact Confident smile dental and facial clinic and organise an appointment with our helpful team.

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