Bone Grafting

Bone density is extremely crucial for the success of implant placement. If your bone is too soft or has been affected by gum disease, tooth infection, dental infection or trauma, it may cause the dental implant to fail. Here at Confident Smile, we deploy bone grafting technique that allows us to offer dental implants to almost everyone.

What Happens If You Have Low Bone Density?

Earlier, patients with insufficient bone were excluded from implant placement. However, with the advancement in bone grafting techniques, we can aid with grafting and growing bones wherever it is required. We perform bone grafting procedures using materials that promote new bone growth at the location of the missing tooth

How Does Bone Grafts Work?

Bone grafting is a very gentle and straight forward process. This procedure involves placing bones derived from the patient, an animal, another individual or synthetic materials. As a matter of the fact, the graft itself encourages nearby bone to grow upon.

What Does the Bone Grafting Procedures Involve?

If the tooth is missing and the remaining bone is insufficient, we will make an incision in the gum line to expose the bone and place the graft securely along with growth factors. Before placing on to the site, the derived bone grafts are thoroughly disinfected. Of course, not all procedures are same. The approach we choose depends on the location and degree of bone loss. If the procedure involves incision, we provide local anesthesia to numb the area. Most of the patients report a minimal amount of discomfort and swelling.

Is Bone Grafting Safe?

Yes, bone grafting is proven to be a safe procedure. To ensure the safety of bone grafts, we follow the below steps.

We screen the donors before their bone is accepted for processing.

We test the donor bone for infectious diseases such as Syphilis, Hepatitis and HIV.

We treat the donor bone to remove the blood products.

We never accept samples that are not tested for sterility.

At Confident Smile, we take several measures to ensure that the safety and to have a successful outcome. So, when you get bone grafting from Confident Smile, you can feel confident that we have put your safety first.

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