Bad Breath

Do you feel embarrassed by your bad breath?

Let’s face it. Bad breath or halitosis is a condition that can affect not only your self-confidence but also your relationships. Knowing that you have bad breath is embarrassing, but not knowing it is even worse. Anyone may have bad breath, at any stage of life.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are many causes of bad breath. The majority of bad breath smells stem from causes originating within the mouth (intra-oral) and may be treated successfully with regular, high-quality dental care. Some other causes may need to be addressed in conjunction with advice and treatment from your medical practitioner.

The smells of bad breath may occur when there is an imbalance or overgrowth of certain types of bacteria in the mouth and throat. The break down of proteins by bad breath bacteria produce volatile sulphur compounds, (odorous gases containing sulphur) which are released in the breath. A bacterial imbalance/overgrowth such as this may result from a cleaning problem, an overuse of mouthwash, consumption of certain foods, diets or medicines or the result of some illnesses.

Intra– Oral Causes of Bad Breath

Dry Mouth – occurs when saliva flow is reduced by either certain medications or medical conditions, salivary gland problems, mouth breathing, dehydration or older age;
Gum Diseases;
Dental Decay;
Food traps in the mouth;

Poor oral hygiene – a build-up of dental plaque (biofilm) may occur from inadequate cleaning of natural teeth, dentures or other intra-oral appliances such as mouth guards, splints, orthodontic retainers;
Tongue coatings;

Oral habits – such as smoking, heavy alcohol consumption or even the daily use of alcoholic mouth rinses;

Dietary Choices – consumption of certain foods such as garlic, onion, spicy meals, alcoholic beverages, or high protein diets.
Other Causes of Bad Breath

Sinus and nasal issues – such as sinusitis, tonsillitis;

Respiratory conditions – such as a lung infection; Gastric problems, including GERD (gastric-esophageal reflux disease);
Liver problems; Kidney problems;

Systemic metabolic disorders –such as diabetes;

Medications – such as those for the control of blood pressure, management of mental illness or treatment of gastrointestinal problems which have side-effects such as reducing saliva flow and drying out the mouth;

Hormonal Fluctuations.

Treatments for Bad Breath

At Confident Smile, we recommend a thorough dental examination for proper diagnosis and care to treat the cause of bad breath problems. Treating bad breath successfully involves reestablishing a good mix of bacteria in the mouth and throat. This approach is more likely to result in long-lasting management of the issue and avoid a short-term, potentially ineffectual solution, as may often occur with the use of breath odour masking agents.

Prevention of Bad Breath

At our practice, our goal is to help you maintain a consistently healthy and clean mouth, with a pleasant and fresh taste. When you have a healthy and clean mouth, you will be unlikely to experience morning breath or have negative reactions or awkward hints from family, friends or colleagues about a noticeable, unpleasant smell to your breath.

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